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I saw a doctor today. He was a hot doctor. He touched my face. I was also sort of kind of wearing a paper gown and he sort of kind of had to check out my stomach area and I sort of kind of was wearing my fairy underwear. Oops. Then he talked to me while I stared at a uterus the whole time. What can I say, it was a nice looking uterus.

Um, and then, and then.. and then there was a show about beavers. Beavers. Teehee. I don't care if I'm acting like some giddy little schoolgirl (although that is what I am, mind), but beaver is a funny word. And they build dams. I wonder what it would be like to be a beaver. I would swim with my beaver brethren and gnaw wood and frolic in the water. Um, ew, that's boring. Beavers need to spice up their lives. Maybe we can get them to start cross-dressing. That'll work.

Best thing: there is a drag queen named Chanda Leer.
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